What if plastic packaging became 100% compostable, even at room temperature?

CARBIOS Active is a universal, innovative solution that enables biosourced plastics to safely achieve zero waste. Flexible and rigid PLA packaging becomes 100% compostable, even at room temperature. In fact, they disintegrate completely and biodegrade to produce compost with no residue or toxicity, ensuring a quality return to the soil. CARBIOS Active offers an eco-responsible and circular technology that combats the accumulation of plastic waste.

CARBIOS Active is the first biological solution enabling PLA-rich films to be certified “OK compost Home” by Tüv Austria.

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Each year, the global production of plastic amounts to a staggering 460 million tonnes, resulting in no less than 353 million tonnes of plastic waste (source: OECD 2022). Despite these staggering statistics, per capita consumption continues to rise steadily. While the management of plastic products at their end of life is gradually improving, recycling rates remain low, emphasizing the need to develop new strategies.

Carbiolice, supported by 12 international patent families, has developed an enzymatic activator called CARBIOS Active. This groundbreaking solution addresses the primary challenge associated with bio-based plastics: their end-of-life. Flexible and rigid PLA packaging can now become 100% compostable with organic waste, even at room temperature.

In practical terms, thanks to the biodegradation of PLA, items such as trays, coffee capsules, tea bags, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials can be composted alongside organic waste in industrial or domestic composting or methanisation processes. CARBIOS Active® is available in the form of an encapsulated enzyme, making it easy to incorporate during the production of plant-based plastic products. It starts its action as soon as the product enters the compost, leading to complete disintegration and biodegradation without leaving any residues or toxicity. This guarantees a high-quality return to the soil.

Our immediately deployable technology is designed for a fast-growing market, which is expected to double in response to rising demand. Plastic pollution has emerged as a significant societal concern for which many stakeholders, including food companies and flexible and rigid packaging manufacturers, are prepared to commit to addressing this issue.

CARBIOS Active has the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label!

Our solution is part of the 1,000 solutions to change the world.


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Carbiolice is labelled GreenTech Innovation by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

A recognition attesting that the solution designed by Carbiolice is both innovative and has strong growth potential, and contributes to the acceleration of the ecological transition.



Stay tuned and find here all our articles
Stay tuned and find here all our articles

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