Who is Carbiolice ?

Currently, over 90% of plastic waste remains unrecycled. Despite this, the use and production of plastics continue to increase. Therefore, it is imperative to consider innovative solutions for the future, ones that will establish a circular approach to plastics and significantly reduce their impact on the environment.

At Carbiolice, we firmly believe that plastic waste is not inevitable ! That’s why our dedicated team works tirelessly every day to create sustainable and innovative solutions that enhance the end-of-life management of single-use plastics.


Compostable plastic packaging represents just one of the available alternatives in the fight against plastic pollution, particularly when recycling is not a viable option. Practically speaking, thanks to the biodegradation of PLA (polylactic acid), items such as trays, coffee capsules, tea bags, bubble wrap, and various packaging materials can be included into industrial or household composting or methanization processes.


Our immediately deployable technology is tailored for a rapidly expanding market, driven by the increasing demand for sustainable solutions. Plastic pollution is becoming a pressing concern for society, and many stakeholders, including food companies and manufacturers of both flexible and rigid packaging, are prepared to make commitments to address this challenge.


Resulting from numerous years of research and supported by 12 families of patents with global coverage, our innovation stands as a world-first achievement. This distinction led Carbiolice to be recognized as “FrenchTech Innovation” by the Fench Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Carbiolice, 17 years of industrial expertise in the biodegradation of bioplastic


Set up of an industrial line of biodegradable compounds by Limagrain Ingredients.

Carbios, the inventor and owner of the enzymatic biodegradation of plastics launched Thanaplast™ , a collaborative research project with different academic and industrial partners such as Limagrain Ingredients. The success of this project gave birth to Carbiolice a few years later… 

Creation of Carbiolice, committed and experienced start-up for plastic biodegradation.

Signature of a structuring development and supply agreement with Novozymes, world leader in enzymes production, supporting the launch of CARBIOS Active.

Carbiolice has been completely acquired by Carbios and now operates as a subsidiary.


At its inception, Carbiolice was the fruit of the shared and complementary ambitions of Carbios, a biotech company developing and industrializing biological solutions to reinvent the life cycle of plastic and textiles, the investment fund SPI managed by Bpifrance to support industrialization projects and Limagrain Ingredients, a manufacturer of cereal ingredients.

In 2021, Carbiolice has been totally acquired by Carbios and now operates as a subsidiary.

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What if plastic packaging could become 100% compostable, even at room temperature? CARBIOS Active is a revolutionary, universal solution that allows biobased plastics to achieve zero waste in an environmentally safe manner. Both flexible and rigid PLA packaging can now be fully compostable, even at room temperature. For more information