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Carbiolice has developed a technology that makes plastics of plant origin 100% compostable. It should enable food and technical packaging to be composted, even at home.


Another great discovery: Carbiolice, also from France. It has developed an enzyme capable of making certain plastics 100% compostable, so that in the future, yoghurt pots could be thrown into composters instead of the bin.


Carbiolice, a start-up based in Auvergne, has developed a solution which, by enabling plastic to be transformed into compost, radically solves the main problem posed by plastic: its end of life.


With its Trophées de l'Avenir (Future Trophies), Europe 1 rewards companies, associations or local authorities each year for their audacity, innovation and visionary side. In the running for the Environment Trophy, Carbiolice has developed an additive that makes plant-based plastic biodegradable.


This Wednesday May 12th, Nadia Auclair, president of Carbiolice, came back on the transformation of plastic into compost in less than 200 days proposed by her company, in Start up & co, in the Tech & Co program presented by François Sorel.


It is difficult to do without plastics for packaging. With the help of an enzyme, PLA plastics can now be composted at home.


The French start-up, which has developed a technology to make plant-based plastics 100% compostable, is one of 45 companies selected for the 2021 GreenTech Innovation label.


Carbiolice, a start-up from Auvergne that has developed a technology that makes plastic of plant origin 100% compostable, has received the GreenTech Innovation label from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.


Based in Riom, Carbiolice is among the winners in the "Circular Economy" category. The company has developed an innovative enzymatic process that aims to accelerate the natural biodegradation of plastics of plant origin. In other words: with this technology, food packaging (yoghurt pots, trays, capsules, etc.) and technical packaging (films, bubble wrap, etc.) can be composted.