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This revolutionary solution targets all non-recyclable plastic packaging (i.e. 52%) because it is too thin, too complex to recycle or simply soiled by food: yoghurt pots, food trays, disposable cups and dishes, but also cosmetic packaging?


On the subject of decomposition, the collaboration between the Auvergne-based start-up Carbiolice and the Danish biotech company Novozymes is also providing solutions. By adding an enzyme to the composition of its bioplastic in PLA - a 100% plant-based plastic - the plastic effectively becomes 100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable in 200 days in a home compost bin.


Startup Carbiolice has developed a technology protected by twenty patents, which is absolutely revolutionary because it remedies the slow biodegradation of one of the only compostable plastics, PLA.


More reasoned use of conventional plastic, better waste collection and recycling in a circular economy, bulk and eco-designed packaging: tomorrow, plastic will change its nature, precisely to better protect nature.


Three years ago, the yoghurt pot, the living symbol of plastic in the public mind, was untouchable. Today, the will of industrialists is there.


The Evanesto additive from Carbiolice company allows the domestic composting of plastics of plant origin

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Where to meet us

ChangeNow Summit – March 9, 10 and 11, 2021, in Paris, France

ChangeNow is the world’s largest gathering of innovations for the planet

Over 3 days, the summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions  to face the World’s biggest challenges.

Come and discover Carbiolice’s innovation, Evanesto®!

6th PLA World Congress – 7th and 8th of october 2020 – Munich – Germany

Carbiolice will be present at the PLA World Congress on October 7th to present the latest industrial scale advances on Evanesto®. This 6th edition will bring together experts from all fields who will share their knowledge and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future outlook of PLA for all types of applications.

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Press relations

Press Release - September 2020 - The Start-Up Carbiolice reveals its purpose and launches its revolutionary solution that makes the plastic disappear into the compost in less than 200 days!


Newsletter Carbiolice #2 - June 2020


Press Release - June 2020 - The start-up Carbiolice and Barbier Group are combining their expertise to develop biodegradable mulch film using Evanesto® inside.

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