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The Carbiolice/Barbier project aims at developing a new type of biodegradable mulch film with a higher content of bio-based plastics (PLA).


A few months after the ban on plastic plates, disposable cups and cotton buds, a new generation of single-use products has emerged. The spread of masks, gloves, gowns and wipes out of household garbage bins is causing environmental associations and waste collectors to panic. The problem of the end of life of plastic is not solved. Except, perhaps, in some cases...


The young Puydomoise company Carbiolice, co-founded by Limagrain, Carbios and Bpifrance, has developed an additive designed to make plant-based plastic totally compostable. An innovation that has been patented several times, and which is about to enter the production process of plastics manufacturers.


New: Carbiolice Start-up and the Barbier Group join their know-how to develop biodegradable mulch films with Evanesto® inside.


Carbiolice, a France-based start-up whose self-described mission is to develop biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastic solutions with a ‘respectful environmental footprint’, has teamed up with agricultural film manufacturer Barbier Group on the development of a new PLA-based mulch film.


Non-biodegradable single-use plastic films will soon be banned in agriculture. Carbiolice and the Barbier group are currently testing a mulch film enriched with plastic of vegetable origin and containing an enzymatic additive allowing their biodegradation.

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6th PLA World Congress – 7th and 8th of october 2020 – Munich – Germany

Carbiolice will be present at the PLA World Congress on October 7th to present the latest industrial scale advances on Evanesto®. This 6th edition will bring together experts from all fields who will share their knowledge and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future outlook of PLA for all types of applications.


Natexpo : Salon international des produits biologiques – 21st and 22nd of September 2020 – Lyon – France

Carbiolice will be present at Natexpo, the International Exhibition of Organic Products.

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Newsletter Carbiolice #2 - June 2020


Press Release - June 2020 - The start-up Carbiolice and Barbier Group are combining their expertise to develop biodegradable mulch film using Evanesto® inside.


Newsletter Carbiolice #1 - January 2020

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